Nikola Tesla: “There is a nucleus in the galaxy from which we get all the power”

Today we know that apart from the physical world we see, there are countless other parallel ethereal worlds. However, the question remains as to how thoughts materialize and how Tesla succeeded in this.

Where is the border between religion, science and medicine? Where are the human body, psyche and spirit assembled? Is there anything we cannot see, measure or hear? If we can’t see thoughts, does that mean they don’t exist? We do not know what a soul is, but we know that we have it and that it is immortal! The question arises: How can the soul, which is immaterial, can be part of the body machine and the cause of human diseases, but also vice versa, how can the spiritual move the material mechanism and the human body?

Quantum mechanics teaches us that information is indestructible and that our life force is a part of the infinite quantum that expands outside our body and when the balance of that force is disturbed in a person, he becomes ill at the physical level.

Man is a three-layered being: natural, cosmic and spiritual. If it remains in the disease, then it becomes chronic. If he remains in the disease, that is. if the person who fell into the quicksand does not react immediately, then the sand will drag him and cover him.

The Bible says: if a person recognizes his illness as a temptation, he will simultaneously see in himself the potentials with which he can overcome it.

The goal of the disease is for the person to reach harmony again. Illness is a way to return to the soul you have forgotten!

Everything is present in us and we are present in everything! The immortal soul is connected with “the starry sky above our heads and with the moral law within us” – so says the philosophy. The human code is part of the great Law of Cosmic Morality!

“Behave as your reaction, through your will, may become a universal law of nature by which all others would behave” – says the ancient philosophy.

Tesla came very close to this law, always acting with good intentions and a desire to help everyone.

Today we know that, apart from the physical world, there are countless parallel ethereal worlds. However, the question still remains: How do thoughts materialize and how did Tesla succeed in this, while others did not?

At the quantum level, the state of the soul depends on what contents it is filled with. It is invisible, has no beginning and no end and functions in a different energy spectrum. After the death of the body it continues to live, eternally passing through other bodies and forms.

Tesla’s spiritual support was Goethe, who wrote: “When I rule my soul, I also rule my great world!” 

Weakness and illness are manifestations of the fear, sadness, anger, and guilt that people carry within themselves. If the soul suffers, the body suffers, and vice versa. The body is the temple of the soul, and the blood is its carrier in it.

Souls start at zero level; each developing in its own way with different matrices; whose quality depends on the energies passing through it. The matrix is like a microprocessor that manages everything in the body, including health.

Good energy spiritualizes the soul and the more developed it is, the more clearly it knows its needs. Braver scholars even associate dreams with the world from which the soul originates and in which it freely lives; it leaves the body and travels where it wants. Certain quantum physicists say that the soul arises from photons, and that each soul is a unique part of the information field of the universe.

As Goethe says:

“In this life we are present only as souls who have to carry this experience with us.”

Information from all souls in the universe is available to all at any moment and is eternal!

To be healthy and happy, we need to cultivate a sense of wholeness and oneness with ourselves and the universe.

“There is in the universe some nucleus from which we derive all our strength, all our inspiration; she is eternally attracting us, I feel her power and eternity that she emits throughout the galaxy and with that she is in harmony. I have not been able to penetrate the secret of that core, but I know it exists and when I want to attribute any material attribute to it, then I think it is light. But when I try to reach it spiritually, then it is beauty and grace.” – Nikola Tesla.

Translation: Rozeta Paskali