Thinking about perfection

What is perfection?
Is God perfect?

If God is perfect, presumably his creations are also perfect. Otherwise, if his works are imperfect, that alone makes him imperfect.

But suppose God is perfect. This means that if man is a creation of God, then he is also perfect! Or, if man is not perfect then he is not a creation of God. If so, then who created man?

But let’s assume that man is God’s creation and is therefore perfect. Does this mean that God and man are the same? The question is logical because there is no gradation of perfection – a thing is either perfect or not perfect. Anything that is different from the perfect is not perfect.

According to mathematical logic, if A is more perfect than B it follows that A is different from B. So B is not perfect – it will be imperfect by the time of equating A.

If man is a perfect creation, does that mean that human works are also perfect?

Or maybe God’s perfection is reflected in the fact that he can create both perfect and imperfect creations? It is probably the same with man. And he can create perfect and imperfect creations and works.

I think that everything that happens and everything that is created is perfect in its own way, if you look at it from different angles.

This leads to the idea promoted by quantum physics that everything that happens to us is not random and is for our good. If we begin to look at events in this way, then we have the opportunity to maintain a high vibration and not allow our fears to overwhelm us.

Only then we have the opportunity to breathe freely and bravely face everything the future brings to us.

Author: Rozeta Paskali